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Emma Långström

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2016

Current Occupation

If it's not difficult, it's not worth doing.

Hello there! Fancy seeing you here.

I'm a person who's always loved math puzzles - strategic and logical problem solving. Combine that with a big side order of creative thinking and you've got my mindset. (for more math puzzles go here:

Add a slab of conscience and future-orientation and you've got the types of companies I want to work with. The skills I offer are varied as I've done coding, painting, graphic design and marketing projects before. But I'm not done. There's a lot more I want to dabble my hands into.

RIght now: I wan't to refine my skills as a creative mind. Apart from the Hyper Island briefs I'm currently working with some other Hyper Island students to come up with efficient and creative ways to raise money and awareness to aid in the refugee chrisis.