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Emil Löwnander

ProgramDigital Data Strategist, 2013

Current OccupationAccount Strategist - Large Customer Sales @ Google


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

Hi my name is Emil Lownander.

I have a technical background and I'm passionate about web techonology, design and effective group dynamics.

I have studied the electrotechonology with chinese studies in the master program at the technical faculty in Lund, Sweden.

I was part of the first class of Hyper Islands Digital Data Strategist program.

I'm currently working towards making Swedish advertisers are the best in the world at digital marketing.

Are you Hyper?

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Created an interactive Infographic for the Hyper Island Marketing team. The piece invites potential students to explore the emotions, fears and personality of last years students during their application process.

Munktell Science Park

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We had the great pleasure to work with Munktell Science Park during our Client 1. module. During the module we set up customized tracking solutions using Google Analytics, Improved SEO, set KPIs, held a analytic workshop for the staff and developed an online strategy from our gathered insights.

Web Hustle

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During the Game of Me Module I Created and played a game designed to improve the players web developing and online marketing skills. The result was Web Hustle, where the player has to face challenges like increasing user engagement, driving new visitor to the site and technical challenges like coding an actual game in HTML5/JavaScript.

Guilty Free

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During the 8 Hour Data Hack Fest we came up with an app powered by open data. The app lets you enjoy snack without any calorie guilt. Choose a snack and the app gives you the location of a store with a walking distance that will burn the same amount of calories as you would gain from the snack.

Step IN

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We developed a social media campaign for the International Rescue Committee to raise awareness for domestic violence against women.

Data Hack Fest

Hyper Islands newest program together with the digital gurus Daniel Beauchamp and Edward Ocampo-Gooding threw a Hackfest. Inviting students, politicians, industry professionals. To explore the possibilities of Open Data.

We shared an amazing experience with about 200 guests from all backgrounds and industries, including Spotify, STV, Day4, Wrapp, SR, Tictail, Gapminder, Oakwood Creative, Greatness PR, Triby, Great Works, Riksantikvariet, Berghs, Idea Society and Pax.

IRC ThinkIn

Together with the International Rescue Comittee and idea shop gyro, Hyper Island gathered 447 students at the campuses in Stockholm and Karlskrona to create, discuss and work on ideas for how to inform the world about domestic violence in developing countries.