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"...the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do." - Steve Jobs

Currently studying Digital Media Creative at Hyper Island in Stockholm, Sweden - I’m a designer and developer with a keen interest in finding well designed and creative ways to solve problems and realise ideas, while also making a difference in the world and the people around me.

I love travelling to new places! I’m eager to learn new things and meet interesting people from various places and walks of life.

With the risk of being a bit of a perfectionist, I’m very focused on details - believing they are the difference between something being ordinary or excellent.

Random Reasons

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This projects was made as a fun take on an everyday issue. It's a random reason generator with some hilarious excuses for being late, not doing your job or avoiding someone.

By Ellinor Pettersson and Alexander Person


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For the Calderan project, we set out to create an installation that challenges people's perceptions of what is possible and at the same time exploring and moving the boundaries of the technology used. We chose to use the newly developed Leap Motion controller for manipulating objects within a 3 dimensional space, using nothing more than hand movements, and programming within the software used to display these movements in real time. For the animations, we built a plexiglass pyramid that allows us to display the objects in a 3D space as a hologram.

TEAM: Ellinor Pettersson - Web, Design, Display | Filip Williander - Code, Display | Malin Pålsson - Project Leader | Marc Scherlin - 3D, Video, Display | Malin Wincrantz - Story, Sound, Scene