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Elin Nyström

ProgramLearning Designer & Facilitator, 2012

Current OccupationConcept Manager


Current LocationVisby, Sweden

If you ask people who knows me who I am, they would probably describe me like this:

“Elin?! That blond blue eyed girl with a big smile in her face?! OMG she is living her life on the edge, constantly challenge herself to develop as much as she can! She is spontaneous and really happy person that laughs and sings all the time! Combined with this we trust her very much because even though she is like this she gives away a calm vibe that makes people around her to calm down as well and despite that she is spontaneous she is also very organized and seems to have everything under control…”

At least that is what I think people say about me…

Oh by the way, did I mention that I’m the concept & graphic manager in a great team?

And we just happened to have a great digital tool that is going to change the world of Learning?

I just happened to love it...

And I´m from Gotland.

And I´m 23.