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El Allouche Safaa

ProgramDigital Data Strategist, 2015

Current OccupationFront-end Developer


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

Tempoverse : Converse #chuckhack

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Chuckhack a Converse project where Hyper Island students where given the opportunity to work with Arduinos combined with pairs of chucks to make interactive shoes concepts.

In our team we made Tempoverse: an interactive shoe that senses your walking pace, translates it into a BPM value and suggest you a song/playlist that matches your walking tempo.

- Node.js
- Johnny-Five : Arduino control framework for Node
- Firmata: Protocol for communicating with micro-controllers via host computer
- WebSockets : Real-time bidirectional event-based communication on browser
- Echo Nest / Spotify API

Project team: Christoffer Teye, Jessica Albers, Josef Rhawi, Isabelle Silfver, Oscar Dieden, Özgür Coban, Safaa El Allouche

Project Hopapp

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Hopapp is a student project by four Digital Data Strategists from Hyper Island. We were given three weeks to create a data concept for a tourist site or destination and then present proof-of-concept. That proof became Hopapp.

Hopapp is a service that aims to disprupt the bus tour industry by giving you a customized tour through your phone, on your local bus.

By entering your bus route and adding your sight-seeing interests into the app, it will create a tour specialized for you. The spots that are selected on the tour are based on reviews from local residents. This way you will avoid the regular tourist traps and always have a local friend in your pocket.

Project team: Claudia Backholm, Isabelle Silfver, Maureen Callahan, Safaa El Allouche

Project Quilt : The Human Algorithm (product concept)

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Quilt is the new way of watching and sharing videos with your friends, all in one place. Quilt give your friends the ability to build a "to watch" playlist especially for you.

The platform optimises the way you share videos: the content is given to you by those who knows exactly what you are interested in

Project team: Alessandro Icardi, Dan Einhorn, Johanna Norberg, Jonathan Svardh, Safaa El Allouche