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Eduardo Torres Fitch

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2013

Current Occupation


Current LocationMexico City

Hello! My name is Eduardo Fitch. I am 25 years old, I was born in Mexico,did high school in Germany, studied in Canada (Concordia University), Spain (ESDi) and Sweden (Hyper Island), also worked and lived in Mexico, France and Austria. I speak Spanish, English, German, French, Catalan and a bit of Swedish.

To describe what I do, I'd say that I am half art director and half designer, sometimes (or most of the times) lines blur and I love to share ideas in campaign strategies. Teamwork is my religion. I am passionate about art and technology but I thrive on trying to make them meet in an organic way, always keeping a human factor in mind.


Inumbra is an interactive game controlled by kinect and flash, where you step in to a whole new, dark and eerie world, the way you probably were scared to see it when you were a kid. Your mission is to walk through different levels in the Inumbra-game, and by passing these challenges, you will hopefully be able to bring bang your inner child. The game was divided into 4 meaningful levels.

Project Video:

The team: - Nina Hindrikson - William Andersson - Fredrik Ryden -Johan Olsson -Pavel Necas - Eduardo Fitch