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Eduardo Jauregui

Current OccupationHumor consultant


Current LocationMadrid

"Life's too important to be taken seriously" - Oscar Wilde

I'm a psychologist with a doctoral thesis on the topic of laughter and humor. I teach positive psychology, among other courses, at the Business and Social Sciences Department of Saint Louis University (Madrid Campus).

A few years ago I co-founded Serious Fun (Humor Positivo in Spanish), a training consultancy specialized in the applications of humor, fun and play in the workplace: www.seriousfuntraining.com. I've also written several books and dozens of articles on the topics of humor and positive psychology.

At Hyper Island I bring in my fun toolbox to help ease the pain of adapting to change and to stimulate participant innovation. I also deliver talks on the benefits of humor, fun and play in the workplace.

"Jáuregui", by the way, is pronounced something like "How-to-geek" --without the "k". (About the verb "to geek": http://geekthelibrary.org/)