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Eddie Astrén

ProgrameCommerce Business, 2013

Current OccupationOnline Manager at Koenigsegg Automotive AB


Current LocationStockholm

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships." - Michael Jordan

"I am getting very close to the 30s. Im from Dalarna, Sweden and really enjoy the feeling of driving my car, listening to a great song. I like helping people out and have had the opportunity to be a teacher and mentor for 15-year-olds, it was awesome!"

Current occupation: Online Manager at Koenigsegg Automotive AB - Working with every aspect of Koenigsegg's online presence.

When I was a student at Hyper Island

Student at Hyper Island eCommerce Business Program 2013

Program Steering Committee for eCommerce Business at Hyper Island 2013

Longterm Project: Part of a team of 4 ecom students starting up eCommerce for the swedish fashion retail store Red Devil. www.reddevil.se

Internship at Koenigsegg Automotive AB in Ängelholm, Sweden.


Been working within sales for +- 10 years

Specialties: - Storytelling - Branding - PR - E-commerce business - Development - Leadership - Sales - Self and group facilitation

Hyundai New Zeeland - Optimization

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"We are creating a concept and strategy for a 24 hour online car dealership." From idea to concept!

My team Consists of Aiste Andreja Tonje Hiis Filipp Slauk Thijs Van Der Horn

Application to Hyper Island 2012 "Creative Task"

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This is my application project to Hyper Island - a.k.a. "Creative Task"

The task was: "How can digital technology contribute to solving real life challenges today and tomorrow? Imagine yourself reading your favorite news site. Suddenly there’s an article that catches your attention and you can’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the day. Maybe you’ve experienced this situation before, where you read about something you really care about, and suddenly you feel it’s time to stop sitting around, hoping some politician or someone else will deal with it You feel it’s time to get involved. What could that article be about?

The closing of the youth center in your neighborhood? Unhealthy school lunches? The situation of homeless people? Environmental issues? Human trafficking? Child labor? Equality issues in developing countries? World hunger? …or?"