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Cornelia Ellen Johanna Barfvestam

Current OccupationDigital media creative, KNA 2016


Current LocationSweden

Dream out loud

Helloj there, finding something interesting? Are you checking me out? Want to know something about me?

Yes this is me....a person how loves to start conversations and the human connection.
What is it that make us relate to one or another and how do we connect to the people around us in the digital world we now live in? These questions is just some of what interest me. I see the human and what we need to be able to connect to ourself and others both professional and individual, this is what I believe an affective tema are, allowing one or another to be free within the team. With a frame work that allows creativity and playfulness to take part of the daily routine. This is what my vision and dream are. I'm now stepping out in the world wanting to get to know you and learn from you.

And you know what? I also believe that I can sit here and print out beautiful words that will sound inspiring and powerful. But hey lets just not do that. Don't be shy, lets connect! :)