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Christopher Fisher

ProgrameCommerce Business, 2013

Current OccupationeCommerce Business Program


Current LocationStockholm County, Sweden

Just do it!

Critical processes surround today's digital businesses. Making sure you surround your business with the skill competencies can be a difficult proposition. Measurable results require measurable processes. Those processes should form the foundation of your e-Business.

Marketing Plan for Eazzy

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Mission Create a marketing strategy that doesn't include television. How we can reach clients economically through the web. Feedback about our channels what we can do and what we should change.

Purpose Sell more of smaller quantities. Give the costumer an environmentally friendly product compare to rollups which need a foot made of aluminum.

Goals Increase sales. Get the brand Eazzy well known. Compete with the rollup market.

Target-group 1. Retails 2. Conference organizers, exhibitors 3. Private persons

Deliverables Presentation: Keynote: PowerPoint: Document:

Create a Webshop

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Created a webshop using Wordpress and Woocommerce to sell Jewelery created by Caroline Sjölund.

Business Analysis

Company chosen: Zipcar -

Tasks: 1. Describe the company - Revenue / Employees / growth - Geography, - History, starting year - Product categories - Digital / Physical / Services

  1. Market size and competitors
  2. Market value total (Sales)
  3. Estimated online share
  4. Yearly growth
  5. Main competitors

  6. Competitive analysis of the company

  7. Customers

  8. Suppliers

  9. Substitutes

  10. New entrants

  11. Competition

  12. SWOT

  13. Strengths

  14. Weaknesses

  15. Opportunities

  16. Threats

  17. Key success factors

Created a presentation and written report on Zipcar.

GYRO & International Rescue Committee Think-In

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- Getting people to not avert their eyes to the plight of Domestically Abused in the modern world
- Combining an interactive digital campaign defying advertising norms in the NGO Sector, both conceptually and technologically whilst also keeping true to the spirit of the IRC
- Highest impact at the lowest cost output possible


- It isn't just about brand performance & awards – It's about creating brand-enjoyment for the users and giving people something to talk about. (Awareness first, awards later...)
- Being as user-centric as possible whilst achieving our goals of helping draw attention to the issue of Domestic Abuse – figuring out what people want, drawing them in, and then still speaking to that part of their persona.


Project Structure Doc: Project Deliverable Doc: