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Christina Holmstoel

ProgramDigital Data Strategist, 2013

Current OccupationProducer intern @ Spring/Summer


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

“Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people." — Leo Burnett (1891-1971)

Danish creative storyteller with a passion for details. I see personal and professional growth as a key value and my mission is that I can always learn more. I have a curious mind and a lot of courage for jumping into new challenges.

My skill sets contains strategy, design, visualizations, concepts, editorial and analytics. I value team work and diversity, and I value to have fun with what I do.

Currently I work at Spring/Summer [] as a Producer Intern. Have a background in Art Direction and and a BA degree in Visual Communication.

Data Fest

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The Data Fest is a live data visualization that reflects a crowds movement.

It works like this ... through a web application we connect to the participants' smartphones to track the movement from the crowd. Everyone is a part of a team with a representative color. The collective movement is visualized on a wall and the participants individual movement is also displayed on the screens of their phones. The more they dance the quicker the colorful light flash. The colors also make it possible for people to recognize others in their team.

The Data Fest is a side project, that started out with a pitch idea for The Nation of Yamarill []

See more at

Credits: Ellinore Funck, Edith Börjesson & Daniel Beauchamp

Facilitating Change Through Data

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The buzz says that data is important but what do we know about data? Can data change how we market books, empower readers to discover their favorite book among 5 million available titles or enhance user experience through gamification?

Together with 5 Digital Data Strategist students, armed with a cocktail of storytelling, design and data-driven business development, we explored these areas and wrote a book on opportunities that data can bring to the industry of publishing. The book was released yesterday (21st of March 2013) on the publishing conference “If Book Then - Stockholm”, hosted by the publishing platform company Publit and trade magazine Svensk Handel.

Download the e-book for free on your pad or smartphone @

Credits: Magnus Jonsson, Jasmin Yaya, Astrid Kowalczyk, Tom Gustafsson, Sofia L. Parker

Game of Me

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With my fellow classmates I got a task to create a 'game of me' in our 3rd module! A game with one goal—change or enhance certain behaviors!

I took the challenge to expand my network globally. I focused on my LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest accounts to find new and inspiring connections. To complete my game I set some rules, I had to complete 5 levels and in the end I have to achieved new connections in at least 20 cities and 10 countries.

Brooklyn Brewery

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As part of the market module in the Digital Data Strategist program, we studied Brooklyn Brewery´s sales in Sweden. We looked into the past and present and came up with a strategy plan for the future brand in the Swedish market.

Credits: Gustavo Pereira, Anton Lozinski, Fredrik Schedin and Lisa Arfwidson.

FundedByMe; a whole new way to fund ideas and the pleasure of digging in their data

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The FundedByMe collaboration with Hyper Island was an attempt at unlocking the potential of existing data capture to enhance both the user experience as well as the revenue potential of the business.

Credits: Subhendu Mukherjee and Andreas Johansson.

Growth of Knowledge

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Hyper Island is a learning journey through group dynamic processes and talks provided by specialists in the leading industries. This methodology helps you grow as a professional as well as a human being and be ready for the real world.

The programs' content is a mix of areas that are currently demanded in the industries. Scroll up and click around to explore the content provided in each program and the open master class' in the fall of 2012. Read more about the opportunities in 2013 and get inspired to find a learning experiences that suits your needs.

Grow with Hyper Island!

Credits: Edith Börjesson, Jasmin Yaya, Emil Gynne, Itai Peleg and Max Less.


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We are all living in a world where we listen to different kinds of sounds everyday. In the morning we wake up to the alarm clock. On our way to work we hear the birds singing and the wind swirling around us.

The European Union claims that 25% of all of the Europeans gets their health and quality of life reduced, because of the outdoor noisy sounds.

We created a 3D interactive art visualization were we engaged people to go outside to see the message. We scaled down the pieces of the message with 25% and put it on the window. From the right angle you would see our message and be in the space of outdoor noises, while standing on the street to view it.

Credits: Edith Börjesson and Tor Åström.