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Christer Kolflaath

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2016

Current OccupationSenior Digital Marketing Specialist


Current LocationTrondheim Area, Norway

If strategy is about getting from A to B in the best way, Creativity for me is bringing the Z into that equation.

A creatively minded Strategist with a hunger to learn and a curiosity about people. Currently in Trondheim, Norway helping service designers make the right decisions.

My hunger for knowledge has always been about understanding how things work. This had lead me to explore as many roles as possible in creative teams during my time at Hyper Island, everything from a “Squash-playing, visionary leader” to a “Jolt-drinking 4:00 am-working developer”.

Although I’m not my best self as any of the later mentioned roles, it has given me a cross-disciplinary understanding of the creative process, and has developed me to be a better strategist.