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Cecilie Wold

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2012

Current OccupationIntern Konzept, Razorfish


Current LocationFrankfurt Am Main Area, Germany

Share your knowledge, learn from others

LIFE COMES WITH MANY SURPRISES Since I started at Hyper Island in August 2011 I've changed alot, my perspectives have changed alot and my plans have changed alot. If somebody told me six months ago that I would be working in advertising and loving it, I would have thought they were kidding.

CURIOSITY IS ESSENTIAL I love learning. I thrive on trying to solve problems and understanding how things work, doing the same thing day in and day out sends me up the walls (and eventually to Hyper Island).

IF THE TEAM IS DYSFUNCTIONAL, LOOK IN THE MIRROR How can I make it better? Did I do everything to make things work? Am I the one holding the team back? Reflecting on one self is not always comfortable, but always a good idea.