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Cas Lemmens

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2010

Current OccupationProduct Designer


Current LocationSweden

By exploring and using technology, I tend to specialize in concepting, information architecture and creative coding.

Product Designer at Spotify, Interactive Art Direction graduate from Hyper Island.

New Era Cube

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The Cube is the first official smartphone app New Era has ever publicly launched. They approached Somewhat briefing us on an app that would create a higher engagement with fans, and be a platform for all future marketing campaigns. We developed the app for both iPhone and iPad, and kicked off the app via a StreetStyle campaign that was featured both in the app and online on Tumblr.

Samsung London 2012 Olympic Tracker

Medium olympics

During the Olympic Games of London 2012, Somewhat create the Olympic Tracker app for Samsung. Under the motto 'Make spectating a sport' we created an app where you had to predict on the outcome of every final in the Olympics. Based on the result of your prediction, you'd win medals and awards, allowing you to compete against your Facebook friends. The games was played during the Olympic Games only, and created an engaging experience while following the results of your favourite athletes and countries.


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Every year, OFFF holds their main 3-day design festival somewhere around the world. For the second year in a row, the festival of 2012 was held in Barcelona. Many agencies contribute to the festival: some make the website, others make the opening titles, the credits, and others, like Somewhat, make the app. Most of those agencies do this work without any charge, and in return get a spot on the main stage where they can present their work to a large audience. Somewhat created the official app for OFFF 2012. But instead of going for the default table view, we decided to do things quite differently.