Medium me   self portrait

Cai Yu

Current OccupationSenior Account Executive


Current LocationSingapore

I'm bespectacled (largely so) - and that's how you'll probably remember me when we bump into each other on the streets, because there's no way you'll be able to remember my Chinese name. I have many names given to me by many different people - Jayme, Astrid, Amber. You can call me whatever you want.

I'm a Senior Account Executive at We Are Social Singapore, and love tweeting about art, design, typography, food (I'm an Instagram food camwhore), marketing, branding, and social media. I'm friendly and won't bite, so find me at @hicais on Twitter if you'd like to chat, or see my crazy eclectic stream of consciousness at www.hicais.tumblr.com. In my past life I was an artist before getting sucked into this maelstrom that is 'The Real World', and you can find some of my doodles at www.pinterest.com/hicais