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Bas van Helvoort

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2012

Current OccupationProduct manager


Current LocationNetherlands

I’m a product manager passionate for big-picture thinking as much as leading operational management. Most importantly, I’m naturally curious about people— learning from others and working with them— whether it’s talking to users or brainstorming with my team.

Last year I’ve helped launch 3 new digital products, one of which won an Accenture innovation award for “Most innovative service within e-commerce.” By balancing strategic planning with creative thinking backed by data, I’ve improved user retention, increased revenue and put in place a data driven approach for the projects I’ve worked on. More recently, I was managing and validating new product ideas for an education startup’s learning analytics platform.

Besides geeking out over metrics and design and metrics, I also wear different hats as a qualitative researcher and marketer, bringing together an unique blend of complementary skills that allows me to grasp the big picture.