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Anna Wallin

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2015

Current OccupationStudent IAD15


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

Eat. Create. Then laugh about it.

In the making.


Medium beatballs mockup

What does music taste like?

Through a combination of programming, design, and just the right amount of absurdity, me and my class created a machine and software that converts music into flavors. First time in history we applied this solution to pick whatever song you would like to taste and translate it in the form of a meatball. We call this revolutionary experiment The Beatball.

Brief: ”You got 5 days, create whatever, just let me know through BBC" - Tomas Mazetti Team: 54 IAD15 students. Role: Concept and Prototype explorer. Featured on: Resumé, BBC radio, Ozy, PSFK & the creators project