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Andrey Varella

ProgramDigital Data Strategist, 2015

Current Occupation


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

"I believe the industry should enable and empower people; communicating ideas only is not enough anymore."

As a strategist I'm focused on delivering value to people and society through business solutions. I believe brands should enable and empower their consumers instead of simply diffusing a vision; communicating ideas is not enough anymore. I help companies to transform their business and change their approach; optimizing their internal and external processes based on consumers’ behavior.

I feel that the best result comes from a trustworthy work environment supported by the right processes; therefore I’m committed to creating collaborative and open relationships between team members, partners and clients. As a data-driven strategist I make use of different techniques to create the right tools to research and test insights, concepts and tactics.

I’m looking forward to re-entering the market and working with people interested in innovating and transforming business models. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to know me better.