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Andreas Schulz

ProgrameCommerce Business, 2014

Current OccupationDesign Intern at b14


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden


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The idea behind Marlow was to make a unique piece of necklace with a connection to nature but also with a sense of style. We create beautiful necklaces with tiny bottles with different designs so there is one for everyone. The necklace can be worn to any outfit and wherever you go you can take a piece of nature with you! Every piece is unique and handmade by us to make sure that you get the design and quality you pay for. We at Marlow are a creative team and always searching for new designs to update our sortiment.

Marlow is founded by Andreas Schulz, Johanna Daregård Thörnqvist, Nicolas Hornewall and Peter Kylin, currently studying eCommerce Business at Hyper Island.