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Andreas Johansson

ProgramDigital Data Strategist, 2013

Current OccupationStudent


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

FundedByMe; a whole new way to fund ideas and the pleasure of digging in their data

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The FundedByMe collaboration with Hyper Island was an attempt at unlocking the potential of existing data capture to enhance both the user experience as well as the revenue potential of the business.

Credits: Subhendu Mukherjee and Christina Holmstoel.

Group 34, Clients: IRC & Gyro

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Our idea is to create awareness of domestic violence by setting up a gorilla stunt of an imaginary hidden disease/epidemic. As we want the campaign to grow and get people's attention, the real reason behind the campaign has to be kept secret for a certain amount of time to reach its full effect. When the campaign hits its peak of media attention, IRC reveals the true meaning behind it: "To cure domestic violence in the world". The press gets limited information but enough to inform the public of the symptoms and different preventive measures. Team 34: Julia Wallin Michelle Tully Daniel Cansu Andreas Johansson Lisa Löwenborg Marlies Deforche