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Andreas Chang

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2014

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Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

The hardest thing about presenting yourself is to not begin with “I am”. I do consider myself an almost hazardously creative young guy, but I can never seem to introduce myself in exciting ways. Unless this counts as an introduction. Or exciting.

I thought that instead of sharing the generic and rather hollow information that's on my ID (age/gender/nationality), I'd like to tell you a little bit about who I actually am.

I believe that my task in this life is to experience and explore. Not only the world around me, but also the one inside me. I usually do this by being creative in various ways. The exciting part about this is that I never know how that creativity will express itself. So far it has made me do almost anything from pixel art to forming a death metal band.

At Hyper Island we get lots of opportunities to be creative and for a person like me it's hands down one of the most exciting places to be! Come and say hi if you get the chance.