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Anders Sjostedt

Current Occupationworking with Executive Programs


Current LocationNew York

Anders Sjostedt is the Founder and Chief Publisher of Martinsson King, a 100% user-driven beauty company, focused on direct-to-consumer personalized, sustainable hair care. He combines his entrepreneurial role with global speaking engagements on the topics of business development and digital transformation for clients like Moet Hennessy, Volvo and Freixenet.

Anders has built up one of Europe’s largest business incubators, Minc in Malmo/Sweden, where companies have exited to be purchased by corporations like Apple and Samsung. He also built up Hyper Island in New York and headed up Swedish Creative Industries, a support organisation for companies within design, music, fashion and gaming.

He lives in New York and in Mallorca (Spain) where he has a small B&B, Luna 119.