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Alexander Stangel

ProgramDigital Data Strategist, 2014

Current OccupationStudying


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

"Do what you love" -thought by many, done ​​by few.

Alexander Stangel is a swedish creator raised in the woods of northern Sweden, Härjedalen. He started his creative journey as a model in the age of 17. After learning how the production phase is done in the fashion industry, he wanted to challenge himself by working on the other side of the camera. Alexander went to the University of Stockholm to get a deeper understanding of the relationship between brand and customer by studdying Media and Communication Science. Now he felt ready to make heavy action and applied as a Digital Data Strategist at Hyper Island where he learn how to organize and analyze the constant flow of data that surrounds us. Besides creative ideation, concept building and prototyping, Alexander imbibes the art of coaching by participating and facilitating team development sessions and being active in organisations like SelfLeaders. Addition to this seriousness he loves music, visual media, training and his surrounding.

Coca Cola Enterprises

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A Hyper Island “cross program brief” where students from each program gather up to collaborate together. In three intensive days, they have to come up with a concept presented with a two minute long case film. In this project Alexander and his group received a diploma for “Concept most likely to be executed”.


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As Hyper Island students we were faced with the challenge of using open data to form a platform that would be beneficial for Stockholm citizens daily life. SLAPP allows users to visualize the location of Stockholms Lokaltrafiks (SL) ticket controllers in real time by collecting data from the twitter feed @SLbiljett, which also means it is depending on reports tweeted to this account. We all knew that this approach was edgy and provocative, and we are proud of it. Participates Alexander Stangel, Danijela Froki & Diego Fria.