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Alexander Auld

ProgramMobile Creative, 2012

Current OccupationUI/UX Designer Moneytre KK Tokyo. Founder of

NationalityNew Zealand

Current LocationTokyo

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."

I use typography, symbols, color, and other static and dynamic graphics to convey facts, concepts and emotions. This makes up an information-oriented, systematic graphic design process which helps people understand complex information. Successful visual communication through information-oriented graphic design.

eMarket Art

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This product was designed for eMarket to showcase fine art galleries in Scandinavia. I have worked a lot with UX/UI design under this project and essentially wanted to have a very clean feel to the app and not focus too much attention away from the art. My biggest challenge in working on this project was working closely with the client.


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Our goal is to make an application that assists individuals suffering from communication disabilities. After researching various existing solutions we discovered BLISS symbolics. A language using symbols to represent words. These symbols can be combined in various ways to create new words and sentances. Since the language uses symbols instead of traditional characters it can be translated into different languages easily. We contacted Mats Lundälv (President of the Bliss Association) who was enthusiastic about developing an application that utilizes the symbols. The language has over 4500 words and allows users to create new ones by following some simple guidelines. The language can be used very basically but can also be very complex allowing for full accesability.


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We set out to build the best place imaginable for mobile designers to show off their amazing designs, interact, be inspired and give feedback to each. The mobile platform is an exciting place from a design perspective and we have already seen an increasing number of mobile specific designers on the scene and large number of unique design trends form and evolve in a rapid rate. With our experience in the mobile world it became clear to us that we needed our own platform to take our design forward so we created . Using the seriously-mobile site as a foundation we were able to form on the ideas, opinions, input and feedback from working designers and mobile design enthusiasts to create the best service possible.