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Alejandro Borasino

ProgramMA Digital Management, 2014

Current OccupationInnovation and Creative Strategist


Current LocationUnited Kingdom

"A smile is the easiest expression of happiness, live happy or die trying"

Creative and innovation strategist with 8 years of experience working in advertising agencies and marketing departments of advertiser companies. Currently studying a Master´s in Digital Media Management in the Hyper Island school of Manchester. I am capable of handling personal relationships with a great ability to work as a team and under pressure, trying always to help others to reach their full potential to get the best group intelligence level for the team. I consider that every commercial action must have a strategic focus to solve a relevant problem, creative impact that generates a positive response and must be user centric oriented. The result of every action must seek the improvement of people lives and change the world to better.

I love superhero movies and all team sports, I also represent Peru in international sailing competitions. Recently I went to Galapagos Islands to a sailing race with more than five countries. Amazing experience !!!