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Agnes Holmerin

ProgramMobile Creative, 2015

Current OccupationDigital designer/ illustrator/ artist


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

My name is Agnes, a 25 year old student from Stockholm, and I studied the Mobile Creative program at Hyper Island. In the Mobile Creative program we learned about the digital industry and how to apply and implement our teachings to specific projects for different clients.

I have a background in Game Design, art and graphic design, including a bachelors degree in art from Stockholm University and classes at Berghs School of Communication. Also various freelancing assignments in both art and graphical design such as logotypes, illustrations and artworks.

I am a creative person who isn't afraid of taking on new challenges because I always strive to learn more. I have a good insight in the digital industry, how it works, its trends and behaviors. An eye for design, high ambition and an open mind has always been strengths of mine.

Contact me at agnes.holmerin@hyperisland.se

Friend Finder

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The Friend Finder is a prototype that I was a part of creating during a hardware module at Hyper Island. We got a brief from Absolut where the task was to create hardware that would create a better nightlife experience.

My team wanted to make it easier to find friends while being on a festival, club or big event. So we came up with the Friend Finder concept, to have a bracelet that would display where your friends are. This would help the user alot during for example festivals where it’s hard to connect with each other, especially when you cannot hear you phone ringing, the connection is bad etc. With the Friend Finder you can instantly see where your friends are located.

Check out the video here!


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Cappish is a app that I worked with during a iOS development project at Hyper Island. It´s a basic messaging app where you can log in and chat with others and share pictures by using the camera that we coded into the app. When we developed this app I learned alot about how Objective C works and I tried out using SDKs, such as the one from Facebook.


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This is a project I did at Hyper Island during a Mobile Design module. The task was to improve the UX/UI of a already existing app. I worked in a small group of 3 and we chose to make a redesign of Spotifys mobile app. We did alot of research and usertesting and decided from these data that we wanted to create new design details for the playlist, discover and search categories.
When we were finished with the design, we launched a video and a website with the same name as our groups project, "Hyperfy", to display our work.

In this project I worked alot with ideation, UX/UI, usertesting, marketresearch and how to launch a new project. It was also very important to always have the existing design in mind in order to create a realistic result.

Check out the project link to see the result.

Concept and Prototyping - H&M

During a 7 week long project I worked with a brief from H&M with focus on concept and prototyping. I cannot say more, because of a NDA, that it was a experience with many new learnings.

Reference letter from our contactperson at H&M can be given at request.

Idea Duck

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This was a studentproject I worked with at Hyper Island where the task was to create a workshop tool as a part of learning about the mobile industry and its userbehaviour. My main task was to work with the overall design of the projects and created for example the logo.

Idea Duck is a persona generator where you have to solve a problem that the generated persona has by using a generated mobile trend. People from the industry and students on Hyper Island were invited to try the tool out.

Click on the project link to try it out!


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We got the task at Hyper Island to develop a idea about how to make people donate money to WWF. My group came up with a concept that would let people using Swish get an option to give a small amount of money to WWF when they swish money to their friends etc.