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Louise Clysén Lindgren

ProgramMobile Creative, 2016

Current OccupationFreelance designer


Current LocationStockholm County, Sweden

23 year old Mobile Creative and cat enthusiast. I am most passionate about both print and digital design, and want to work with branding and advertising. My long term goal is making the advertising industry more diverse and inclusive for all of us.

Singelliv Campaign

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Through my internship at Perfect Fools I got the chance to work with the launch of TV4 Play's new show, Singelliv. The campaign consisted of a survey to discover what it's like to be single in Sweden today followed by a advertising campaign based on the survey results. I worked on print and digital ads for the subway, website and banners.

The concept was created by the team before I arrived and I helped execute the ideas during the summer. It could be seen in the Stockholm subway and on a responsive billboard in the heart of Östermalm.

Redesigning the Control Centre

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We got the brief to redesign a daily mobile experience during out Mobile Design module at Hyper Island. After ideating and using a lot of post-its we had a few options of parts we wanted to redesign, like the calendar or the alarm, but at the end we decided to work with the control centre in iOS. Our main reason for choosing it was that we all used it daily. Our main focus was the music player after experiencing what its like wanting to change from podcast to Spotify while out in the cold.

We thought the control centre could be more used friendly and offer more possibilites. In it's current state it lacked function we thoguht would make the experience better, like battery save and multiple music players, and had some åpparts take too much space. Like the AirDrop and AirPlay. So we put the battery save mode there, and moved the volume. Volume would in this version be accessed by long pressing or force touching the volume icon, or by using the buttons on the side of the phone.

Lou font

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So I made my first ever font, and I named it after myself.

Lou is hand drawn by me with a good ol' brush and paper technique and then made digital. It's a font with personality! It's charming! (Also interpreted as: it might need some kerning...) The idea came about when I couldn't find a good font that fit my student budget (in other words, free) to use on my website as a headline. Super fun and will probably do it again, 10/10 would recommend.