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Laura Buencuerpo

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2016

Current OccupationService Designer


Current LocationMadrid Area, Spain

"Catch the wind, see us spin, sail away, leave today, way up high in the sky".

Hola!! I’m Laura. I was born in Madrid 36 years ago and I do love music. I truly believe that a song can make your day. I also enjoy slow breakfasts, sunny wake ups, cooking while chatting, the sea, and the very moment when you seat on your sofa and play a movie. I used to work in advertising until I joined Hyper's family last year as IAD16 student. Now I'm doing an internship at Designit Madrid.

Find me as @lauratangerine at instagram, pinterest, flickr, spotify.

Looking forward to hear from you! Meanwhile, here's my song for today :)