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Roni Sarraf

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2016

Current OccupationInteractive Art Director

NationalityUnited Kingdom

Current LocationLondon, United Kingdom

When I was 19 I started DJing. I bought a pair of second hand Technic 1210s, and proceeded to learn to mix Drum n Bass; much to my traditional Persian parents dismay. Weekends were spent flicking through record stacks around Manchester & London. It was fun, discovering something completely new, and mixing it with records that should never have been mixed, to create something never heard of. The most fascinating part was seeing how people reacted to music at parties, and how a specific atmosphere or experience could be created by the mix.

Mixing sounds and symbols have always fascinated me, a result of growing up in both the west and east; two seemingly contradictory cultures at times.

As a designer / AD I want to create work that surprises you, and moves you. I believe travelling is important, the intersection of culture, music, art & tech is fascinating.

I want to create thought-provoking work that makes a positive impact in the world!

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