Jean-Pierre Zeito

ProgramMobile Creative, 2016

Current Occupation


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

My name is Jean-Pierre Zeito and I am a mobile creative at Hyper Island Stockholm. My inspiration comes from the world; how we interact, how we exchange culture and how our perceptions and understanding of things varies from continent to continent. Because of this, I have a big interest in traveling the world and learning new things.

I don’t have any favourite destination, but since I lived in California for 6 years, I consider it my second home. My previous experiences before Hyper Island consists mostly of filmmaking, which I worked with professionally for 6 years. With this experience, I’ve learnt the importance of team work, planning and, most importantly, to have fun with what you do for a living.

By enrolling at Hyper Island, I wish to combine my knowledge of filmmaking with the techniques of being a mobile creative student. It’s hard to tell where I am in 5 years, but hopefully I will be working with something that changes the world for the better.