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Sofia Granath

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Current LocationTäby, Sweden

Följ dina drömmar, det är ditt liv.

Dream big and never stop chasing your dreams and goals. That's in the mind of a 23 year old girl from Täby. Ever since I was little I have been a competitive girl who never gives up . Somehow you reach where you want, just fight for it! Training/working out, photography, editing, food and my blog are my biggest interests. But of course spending time with friends and family is very importent to me. I love traveling and experience new things. In a group I naturally take the leading role and likes to like to make sure that everything runs and gets done. Working with people, socially is something I appreciate . Collaboration . To always set new goals to strive for is extremely important to be able to develop as a person and businesses. My ambetion is to someday work as a manager at a company that never stops developing.