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Therese Andersson

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2016

Current OccupationStudent at Hyper Island


Current LocationSkovde, Sweden

I love knowing about things I don't know.

I love learning. All new things I don't know - I want to learn. This has led me to knowledge about everything from coding to graphic design, academic writing to storytelling, from handball to climbing and Yoga, and my great loves: photography, movies, and all things social.

I'm from the charming city Skövde, but I've lived in Trollhättan (a.k.a Trollywood), York (Englands most beautiful city), Borås (mostly rain) and now Stockholm, the beautiful capital of Sweden.

I've been a photographer, graphic designer, handball player, webdesigner, marketing assistant, consultant, IT-support (mostly for mum) and most recently copywriter and SEO-technician. Some things I am still, some I'll never be again. But it all lead me to hyper island and I couldn't think of anywhere I'd rather be right now.

I am looking for the next step in my life, and I try to do that with the help of the famous swedish expression to "hurry slowly". ..oh, and I love tea.

Branding for Outdoorexperten

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Branding project for Outdoorexperten, or The Outdoor Expert, which was our suggestion. We created a totally new branding for them that was more modern and represented what they stod for as a company, and as experts in their field.


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Unicef came with a brief where they wanted to inspire more teachers to sign up for a cause called "Operation Dagsverke". We focused on the teachers perspective and this was our result.

Skövde Athlete Gala

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I got the prestigious assignment to create the graphics for my hometown gala celebrating our cities athletes. The graphics was shown on all the big screens during the event and also at home with the broadcasting. I also worked at the gala as a studio woman, which meant I was on the floor, and held close contact with the bus outside handling the broadcast and cameras. I reported to the bus and got people ready for interviews etc.

The assignment was to create graphics that went in the style of the city logo and that presented athletes and leaders in a nice way. The theme in my head for such a thing was a no brainer; stars. An evening to honor stars who are the very best at what they do, and who struggle every day for their dreams to come true. This was the result (with dummy pics because I was not trusted with the nominees):