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David Arvidson

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2016

Current OccupationInteractive Art-Director student


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

Peace, love, unity and having fun!

Whats up? I’m David, a 23 year old Interactive Art-Director student at HyperIsland in Stockholm. As a creative i’m multidisciplinary. I love problems, concepts and pixels. As an individual I’m devoted. I love people, adventures and funky music!

I’ve always loved to draw, paint and create. At a young age I started to mess around with adobe, and the interest of creating in digital forms grew. Today I’m exploring new ways of creating and shaping the future.

Absolut Vodka

This is a project for Absolut I have been working on with my fellow amazing class mates. Through research we got to create a concept that would aim to create more value and returning visitors to With our concept we would bring the full Absolut experience to the site. Utilizing the existing content of drink recipes together with party inspiration, we help users plan and host the ultimate party. The new service will create new touch points as well as collect new data for Absolut. And not only will the party be brought to the target group, it will help them create it.

Project Team: Tam Söderberg Joy Schmidmeier Julia Roth David Arvidson Macks Hammarstedt Sebastian Degenhart


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This was a HyperIsland student project I worked with together with my IAD- classmates, Shila Wikström, Timur Kildigulov, Whitney Macaluso, Sofia Lyu and Laura Buencuerpo. We got the brief to create a new branding, visual identity and strategy for the startup company YouLinker. YouLinker is a social career network, focusing on matchmaking the right people with the right companies.

We created a strategy where we redefined the companies vision and target audience, and how to reach them. This new strategy resulted with a name change to ”Vimy”, a new identity, brand book and a new user interface for the app and website.

During the project I was managing client relationship and stakeholders expectations, worked with both visuals, UX and strategy.