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Cecilia Jonsson

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2017

Current OccupationGraphic designer and illustrator


Current LocationGothenburg, Sweden

I create websites, illustrations, graphic shapes and patterns that creates strong, visual and communicative brands and messages.

I have been living in Cape Town since March 2017. I first had a three months internship at Native VML as a digital designer & art director. At the same time I also worked part time as a content creator and experience designer at African Sunrise, a volunteer and internship organization.

I have always loved to write and paint - napkins, notebooks, walls, and tables - nothing goes safe when I have a pen in my hand. During the last years I have changed my focus to become more digital, and now most of my creation is made in Photoshop, Illustrator and other digital resources. I’m quick to learn and often like to jump between programs in order to get the best result. 

Core skills are graphic and digital design but I also have a passion for illustrations, marketing, branding, user experience, and above all I'm an outgoing, openminded, and social person.

360° Facebook Advertisement

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Three different 360° Facebook Advertisement that revealed the truth behind consumerism.


Medium beom

The dark season in Scandinavia has never been easy. It not only affects your overall mood, but also your health. The low temperatures during the dark season make people also more inclined to staying indoors.

Beom brings light in the darkness. It gives hope, joy and comfort in the nordic winter. The cold that comes with darkness requires appropriate clothing; which nordics manage to gracefully meet with their minimalistic nordic style.

Beanies are crucial during the dark/cold season and widely used as a fashion statement when it’s warmer. Having this idea in mind; we decided to use beanies as indicators for total ‘sunlight received’ during the day. Beom is a beanie designed to measure your daily sunlight intake and signal that via lights on top of it.


Medium lyan

The idea behind this app was that residents in one apartment building should be able to easy communicate, connect, and send messages to each others, as a way to be social and to create cohesion in the house, or use as an alternative to putting up "angry notes" in the corridor.

Karlskronahem, as the fictional owner of the app, could communicate with their tenants through the app, and the tenants would have the opportunity to send messages to Karlskronahem, including reporting errors, check rents and digital book the laundry room.

Locals Branding

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Locals is a start up located in Lund in Sweden. Locals.se offer home delivery as well as pre-ordering products from local shops. You can also browse around on their app and website to be inspired and discover the city's unique selection.

In this project seven Hyper Island students recreated the whole brand, including colors, typography, pictures, illustrations and tone of voice. Which all were presented in a Brand Strategy Book.


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Friends is one of Swedens largest NGOs and focusing on preventing bullying in schools. Friends vision is a society where children and young people grow up feeling safe and secure, and where all people are treated equally.

In this project Hyper Island students designed together with Friends a new internal webpage for them to communicate with their schools and teachers.