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Daniel Fisker Bunde-Pedersen

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2018

Current OccupationPhotographer


Current LocationDenmark

'' Sailing on open water for a longer period of time, not seeing land nor being affected by materialism makes you appreciate the small things. ''

My name is Daniel and I am a 23 year old Danish photographer.

I'm a people person, a trait which has led me in many interesting directions. Three years ago, spinning 360° on snowboard was a part of my curriculum in Swedish high school, since then I have travelled through South East Asia, built a tattoo studio and studied graphic design.

I've been curious of mind as long as I can remember, always testing something, inventing something, writing something, drawing something. So I decided to find an international school filled with inspiring creatives, to learn about co-creation, self-leadership/learning. In January 2017 I was admitted to the DMC program on Hyper Island.