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André Sebastie

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2016

Current OccupationStudent at Hyper Island, Interactive Art Director


Current LocationBagarmossen, Sweden

UX (Hyper Island Student Project)

During the refugee crises the Red Cross got an large increase in one-time-donations, but 85% of these one-time-donors do not donate again. So our main question became this: How do we get one-time-donors to take part in a digitally 
engaging journey that converts 
them into regular donors?

Society Hack '15 (Hyper Island Student Project)

Transdev and the Gullers Group came to Hyper Island with a problem. How do we make the public transportation system more attractive? This is our solution... (A 48 hour project)

Young Glory - Brief #1

Our contribution to the advertising competition Young Glory. Brief: "Get people across the world to close the tap when they are brushing their teeth in the morning and night." By: Samuel Zabell & André Sebastie

UNICEF (Hyper Island Student Project)

We were asked by UNICEF to get more schools to register for Operation Dagsverke. This is our solution. (A 48 hour project)