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Anton Ahlström

ProgramDigital Business, 2016

Current OccupationFreelancing Copywriter & AD


Current LocationStockholm County, Sweden

I'm a hard-working and driven Hyper Island student that loves challenges. I find anything between business and communication interesting, and have several times been praised for my skills of bringing a team together. I love having the overview of projects - and I certainly don't mind taking on a lot of responsibilities.

Feel free to reach out to me with any interesting project or inquiry:

LIFESUM - Data Analyzing

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The mission was to find a company who wanted an outside perspective on their work with data and to offer them news ways to look at it. We presented some insights on how to make the process easier and how data could be used without the frightening amount of numbers that usually is what comes to mind when you talk about data.

VOLVO CARS - Business Transformation (Copywriter)

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This project is protected under a Non-Disclosure Agreement until February 2017.

POP-UP ART - E-commerce Project (Product Owner)

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The mission was to create a MVP for a e-commerce store, launch it and push traffic to the site. Me and my group decided to aim big and started up an unique collaboration between Stockholms leading design schools: Hyper Island, Konstfack and Beckmans Designhögskola. We launched a platform (on Tictail) where we offered the young artists to sell their art, and issued a commission for each sold product.

As we set out to get 10 orders and a total of 5000 SEK in revenue, the result by far exceeded our expectations. At the end of the first month, we ended up with a revenue of 13000 SEK and a total profit of about 4000 SEK.

My role in this project was to be the product owner, handling every product and possible issue with the website.

PROCTER & GAMBLE PRESTIGE - Product Development

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This project is protected under a Non-Disclosure Agreement until November 2016.


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This project is protected under a Non-Disclosure Agreement until January 2016.

Responsibilities: Copywriting.

TRANSDEV - Digitalize Public Transportation

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72h project for Transdev (in cooperation with the Swedish government) with the intention to make public transportation better.

My groups idea was to use photo-sensors in different vehicles connected to each platform, where lights would light up in different colours depending on how crowded the different carts/parts of the vehicle are. This you would also be able to see in an app before you enter the station/vehicle.

Responsibilities where not clearly divided, but I did most of the cpoywriting.


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The brief was to create a digital eco system for Kessel's Mexico branch. Kessel is a company that manufactures and sells solar heated water containers for family homes.

Me and my group made an Uber-inspired app where plumbers and salesmen could organize, creating a smoother experience for both sellers, plumbers and customers.

I was personally responsible for the app design and prototyping. Click the link below to try it!

UNICEF - Operation Dagsverke

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The brief was to get more students to enroll to the UNICEF project "Operation Dagsverke" - a project where students raises money for students in third world countries. Being a short, one-week project (and also the very first at Hyper Island), confusion was big in the beginning, but that soon changed into passion and creativity.

My group came up with the idea "Flip Your Life Festival" - a festival arranged by Swedish students in order to get another perspective on how life could be, while making money but still having fun.

My personal role in this was to take charge of graphical design - and to direct some of the shots in the movie used for pitching the idea.