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Pontus Hammarström

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2018

Current OccupationCreative


Current LocationSweden

I consider myself a proud noob!

26 years old from Växjö, Sweden. Lived in Malmö and Los Angeles, now in Stockholm as a student of the Digital Media Creative program at Hyper Island. Eager to learn, happy to explore and stoked to produce. Holler if you want to collaborate!

Raw Answers - A Hyper Island Student Exhibition

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I was a part of the project management team for the "Raw Answers" event, the biggest Hyper Island student exhibition to date. A lovely experience!

"While the world waits for shift in politics, feminism reaches new milestones, people flee war while others discover new Snapchat filters, students at Hyper Island are exploring the great world of possibilities in technology, communication and motion.

Their reflections, learnings and interpretations will be exhibited at one of Stockholm’s most beloved venues where students will connect their minds, senses and feelings to break perceptions, challenge each other as well as guests, innovate, build and present an interactive experience.

Raw Answers is an interactive playground as well as the perfect environment to mingle with Hyper Island’s students and industry professionals. We invite and encourage you to unwrap your senses and explore technology and motion together.

What is: Raw Answers to you?"