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Kristoffer Blimling

ProgramDigital Business, 2016

Current OccupationDigital Business Creative


Current LocationStockholm County, Sweden

"You can't stop the wave, but you can learn to surf."

In short; I help unlock people's superpowers. I'm all about bringing out the fullest potential in every individual and my work includes elements of coaching, developing teams/organizational culture and facilitating workshops, creative sprints and strategic meetings.

Do contact me by mail at: or phone (+45 53 37 16 78) and hopefully we can start to create a valuable and creative collaboration.

Salt X Launch Concept

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We got the chance to help the company ClimateWell on their SaltX Technology launch and asked us how to communicate the possibilities of their SaltX technology to the world. We looked for the places that could both create a dialog and reach at least one member of a family; this resulted in our bus stop concept for all seasons. A technology that could both heat passengers and cool passengers when needed.

Note: The client produced the video themselves, we created the concept.

Granit To-Do

Medium granit to do

During our UX-module my team got the chance to build a digital solution for the interior design company Granit. It resulted in a to-do list app with the Granit branding and philosophy of simplifying their customers life. It's up on the app store for anybody who wants to use it!


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All set. Action. Rec. Play.

Hi, and welcome to Hyper Talks. My name is Kris and I’ll be your host today, with me I have a crew of fellow Digital Business students set to enlighten, engage & explore our digital stratosphere. Our medium of choice is podcasting and Ep.1 will be launching in just a few days, so stick around and immerse yourself into an auditory experience filled with topics on digital expansion, change, trends and more. Interviews will be part of our weekly feed; as well as current updates on different projects our class pursues throughout our time here at Hyper Island.

Pause. Clears throat Play.

And do bare with us, we believe that failure is learning; so don’t hesitate to give us feedback, snappy comebacks and prescribed aid.