Welcome to our new investors Novax!

We are thrilled to announce “the marriage” between the international investment company Novax and us, Hyper Island. Together we’ll embark on a continuous expansion and learning journey together with the rest of our owners, our staff, our students, our clients and collaborators.

During the past few years, we’ve expanded our operations to the UK, the US and Singapore, and we’ve entered new exciting markets all over the world to do collaborations and host training programs. We’ve been loving it and hope that the ones that have met us have felt the same way.

A couple of months ago, we started to "date" Novax, an investment company that is dedicated with their long-term commitment and support for their partners. They have invested in companies within industries like education and retail, and has a solid experience in supporting growth companies in their expansion.

- We’re thrilled that they are now a part of our journey. With Novax, we get a solid, long-term partner that further adds legitimacy and strategic expertise to the company, which will be important in our continuous efforts to grow and expand internationally, says Johanna Frelin , CEO of Hyper Island.

- We are very happy to become a shareholder in Hyper Island and believe that Novax’ experience in working with growth companies can help to further develop the company. The strong force for change that digitalization and information technology bring, creates continuous new skill requirements for individuals and organizations. Hyper Island fills an important function here with its customized educational offering and flexible teaching formats, says Anders Slettengren, CEO of Novax.

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Get in touch with Hyper Island CEO Johanna Frelin at johanna.frelin@hyperisland.com