We're Returning to Vancouver!

We've partnered with the BCAMA, Invoke Media and Eustress Marketing to bring our Master Class back to Canada.

Global digital education institute Hyper Island is returning to Vancouver, BC, to host its Master Class from March 4–6, 2015. This will be the second time the leading digital education institute ventures to Canada’s West Coast since hosting a class in December, 2013.

As featured in Fast Company, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Ad Age, Hyper Island’s Master Class is designed for senior executives, innovators, marketers, communicators, account managers, creatives and strategists to discover the possibilities of digital media through experiential learning. During the three-day Master Class, participants engage in a fast-paced series of presentations and collaborative workshops led by world-leading talent including members of the Hyper Island brain trust.

Jaclyn Ciamillo, Global Partnership Director, has been leading the North American growth strategy at Hyper Island from their New York office. “Last year's success of the Master Class reaffirmed that our presence is not only desired, but needed in Vancouver. Hyper Island wants to contribute to the city's overall business development as it advances with new technologies and implements it’s digital strategy. Our Master Class equips individuals and companies with the ability to adapt, change and flourish in modern times. We support action-oriented leaders and innovators to build plans that reflect a more progressive view of the digital world,” says Ciamillo. Prospective attendees may contact her directly to find out more about the course.

“We want to build off of the success of our first Master Class in Vancouver. It attracted leading-agency representatives, forward-looking retail brands, progressive crown corporations, global technology companies from Silicon Valley and more. The feedback was amazing” says Richard Sandor from Vancouver-based Eustress Marketing Coaching. “I have taken the Master Class twice and the best part is as technology changes so does its content and and workshops” says Sandor’s partner Jordan Eshpeter from Vancouver-based digital agency and accelerator Invoke Media.

Hyper Island is pleased to announce a partnership with the BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association to advance digital knowledge and awareness in the BC marketplace. It begins with Hyper Island educator Tim Leake who is a renowned creative and digital thinker and has presented multiple times at leading international conferences, including SXSW and Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. “ We are pleased to have the opportunity to partner with an organization such as Hyper Island and having them at our upcoming event on September 24th. Their insights into the digital marketplace will be of immense value to all marketers in British Columbia. We look forward working and learning with them." says Kim Breakell Mech, President of BCAMA . For information visit http://www.bcama.com/events/breakfast-speaker-series/.

About the Hyper Island Master Class: The Hyper Island Master Class is intended to raise awareness and inspire participants to create functional change in their organizations and deftly navigate the future over the course of several stages. Due to the highly interactive and immersive nature of the presentations and workshops, only a limited number of spaces are available. Details: https://www.hyperisland.com/programs-and-courses/master-class

Photos: http://hpr.is/yvrpics

About Hyper Island Hyper Island designs lifelong learning experiences for individuals and organisations all over the world. Hyper Island is a school of higher education within the fields of digital communications, entrepreneurship and leadership, and a strategic partner to companies that want to transform their business or organisational culture. The company was founded in 1996 in a naval prison in Karlskrona, Sweden. Since its inception, Hyper Island has had more than 2500 graduates from around 40 countries. Today, Hyper Island has around 75 employees situated in New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Manchester, Stockholm and Karlskrona.

About BCAMA The BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association has been British Columbia’s leading marketing source since 1955. For over 50 years, BCAMA has contributed to the growth and education of the BC marketing community. The strength of the Association has relied on its dedicated leaders.

Contact the following individuals for more details:

Jaclyn Camillo, Hyper Island // @jaclynciamillo // jaclyn.ciamillo@hyperisland.com // +1 631 9428031

Jordan Eshpeter, Invoke Media // @JordanEshpeter //jordan.eshpeter@invokemedia.com

Richard Sandor, Eustress Marketing Coaching // @stitchman // richard@eustress.co

Kim Mech, BCAMA // info@bcama.com