Use Your Customer Data to Get a Competitive Edge

User expectations evolve parallel to technological advancement -- today's customers expect the same quality of interactions they get from Google or Amazon as from their bank or their school. They demand seamless experiences regardless of device, location or time of the day.

Organizations that strive to create world-class customer experiences therefore need to understand how to meet evolving customer demands. They must learn how to deliver intuitive, empathic and intelligent products and services that stand up to their competitors' offerings.

Data volumes on the rise

Customer data is information you hold about your customers, usually including names, contact details, and buying habits. Mobile technology has driven up the volume of data we collect and organizations must adapt the way they handle it to improve customer experience and boost loyalty.

A new method of analyzing data has been developed as organizations struggle to integrate this data more into their decision-making process.

Put your customer data to work

Data-driven decision making is a way of working that values the business decisions backed up by verified and analyzed data. In organizations that understand the value of data, decision-making is approached from the quantitative point of view instead of reliance on experience, intuition or gut feeling.

"Data can provide insights that help you answer your key business questions (such as 'How can I improve customer satisfaction?')," writes Bernard Marr, British data expert, author and Forbes contributor. "Data leads to insights; business owners and managers can turn those insights into decisions and actions that improve the business. This is the power of data". Virtually all managerial and leadership positions in the digital economy increasingly rely on data-driven decision making. Recent studies have shown companies who develop their decision making skills achieve significant productivity gains over other firms.

Turn data into actionable insights

At Hyper Island Singapore, we help our students and business professionals to use data to aid them in making decisions. Our short courses covers how to use data to solve business problems, and read competitor and market analysis. We also help them find, "scrape" and otherwise manipulate data, create data visualization and dashboards, and explore Google Analytics using real data.

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