This spring, we're launching our second-ever evening course, Digital Strategy.

Digital Strategy is an intensive ten-session learning journey that will challenge you to think in new ways, equip you with powerful tools, and enable a major upgrade of your digital skills and competence.

Ola Scholander - Head of new media at IEC Sports - sums up his experience of our first evening course installation:

"It provided invaluable insight into future digital trends, behaviors and processes and it helps me tackle the constant changes and digital landscape in a structured way".

Svenska Dagbladet's Senior Project Manager Helena Johansson describes the greatest learnings and insights from her Hyper Island evening course experience:

"The greatest insight is to get the big picture of the rapid and ongoing change powered by for example the mobile revolution. The collaboration and exchange within the group is also a really great experience. The biggest takeaway is my brand new toolbox, it kind of pimped my brain."

Join the playground in Stockholm or Malmö to find out more.

Apply to Digital Strategy Stockholm or Digital Strategy Malmö.


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