The Social Media Marketing course is a vitamin injection of social culture in relation to digital channels

We met with Martin, Head of Digital Communication at Tele2, who recently completed the Hyper Island Social Media Marketing Course in Stockholm. Martin talked to us about how his recent learnings helped significantly increase engagement on Tele2 social media channels.

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Martin, 35, describes himself as a connoisseur of novel experiences. “I’m always looking for new experiences, new learnings and new relationships.” Curious as he is, Martin practices a wide range of hobbies, among them Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, photography and traveling.

Martin started working for Tele2 5 years ago, after working both for an IT company and a famous celebrity hairstylist. “I actually found out about the position as a Junior Communication Project Manager at Tele2 in a local magazine. That’s when my communication journey really started. I thought it was a great chance to combine my passion for communication with my love for visual.” As of now, Martin has been working with Tele2 for over 5 years. After working with project management, PR, branding and many other parts of the communication spectrum, he moved into his role as Head of Digital Communication.

“As Head of Digital Communication, I’m responsible for developing digital corporate channels which stretch across social media, our digital workplace and also general creative work such as concept development and content creation.” Because Martin has this high amount of creative responsibility, he has a need to stay inspired and to have a continuous influx of information that aligns with his professional goals. “Hyper Island is a great source of inspiration, up-to-date knowledge, and aspiration!”

Martin has experienced 3 different Hyper Island products in 3 different countries. “I did Wired X in Berlin and the Digital Acceleration Master Class in New York City, before signing up for the Social Media Marketing Course here in Stockholm. I chose to come back to Hyper Island again and again because I’ve always felt very energized after each class.”

Martin describes the Social Media Marketing Course as ‘a vitamin injection of social culture in relation to digital channels’. “It get’s you fired up to try new things and gives you tools and ideas that you can easily bring home and integrate into your daily work immediately.” For Martin, the intensive courses are always a great opportunity to meet people doing similar things from all over the world, hence a great space for meaningful networking.

After successfully completing the Social Media Marketing Course, Martin and his team launched a new infomercial on their social channels that thanks to his learnings, nearly went viral. “The engagement was much higher than usual on our channels, so the Social Media Marketing Course really helped us create engagement and understand how to best distribute our content to engage followers.”

  • Tele2's new informercial

Martin is eager to come back and learn even more. “Especially when you work within the Digital field, Hyper Island is a great partner in providing you with inspiration and the latest know-how. I’m definitely coming back for more.”

If you’re interested in the Social Media Marketing Course or any other intensive courses at Hyper Island, please get in touch with pernilla.hallberg@hyperisland.com