The first ever Hyper Island Festival happens March 2

The Hyper Island Festival, titled "Four hours of change", starts on Saturday March 2 at our Stockholm Learning Hub.

4 HOURS of CHANGE - Open for all and free of charge! Just RSVP at hyperislandfestival.com

So, what is the Hyper Island Festival?

It's a student produced event focused on the collective experience of the digital heavy time we are living in and how to be able to change with it. We are inviting you to join us!

What exactly is going down?

Well, the day is divided in 4 parts;

"BURNING ENERGY IN START-UPS" - Start-ups sharing their stories and pitching their idea to the crowd. Mingle and fun!

"CHANGE MAKERS" - Join a lecture and thrilling workshop on UX and Service Design. - Google is here! Listen to the Nordic Communications Manager Emma Stjernlöf on Google tools and approach to change. - Hoa Ly from Psykologifabriken inspires us with a different approach to change.

"HYPER ISLAND PROGRAMS" - this is an "open day" where anyone interested in Hyper Island can listen in on the different programs, ask questions to the students, take part in a short workshop just to get a feel for a few of our working methods.

"INDUSTRY HANG-OUT" - Agencies and companies will be here to mingle with future talent, and presenting success cases that is leading change.

PARTY Later on Saturday evening, the Festival participants will have a free pass to the club "Under Bron" and good prices in the bar. We'll end the Festival feeling late that night!

Who is it for?

It doesn't really matter where you come from, how old you are or what you have done. Both people from the industry, current and future students and other curious people will be present. As long as you're interested in anything digital, you'll fit right in. We're a crazy bunch of people here anyway.

Why do we call it the Hyper Island Festival?

Cause its a celebration! And this is our way to share with you exactly how much fun it can be making your ideas come to life and exploring the unknown.

Welcome to the Hyper Island Festival!