Students win Innovation Award for teaching kids to code!

The three Digital Data Strategist students Rosalyn Knapp, Lovisa Levin and Sanna Nilsson have just received the Innovation Award for Students, issued by the Swedish business magazine "Veckans Affärer", innovation authority "Vinnova", technical consultant ÅF and R&D foundation Åforsk, for their release of the ebook "My First Website - Cody Coder's guide to HTML".

The students released the book earlier this year. By using the allegory of building a house, Cody Coder can easily get young children to understand the basics of HTML brick by brick - just how a website is built.

The book was an immediate success and was acknowledged in Sweden and internationally.

Sanna Nilsson said:
"During our time at Hyper Island, we've learnt how to program and that got us to think about why we hadn't gotten the opportunity to do so earlier in life? We wrote the book so that others would get that chance earlier that we did."

"We also wanted to crush the myth that it is so hard to learn how to code. In a playful way, we wanted to get children and their parents to realise how programming works and how to learn by themselves."

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