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As a Learning Partner, your organization collaborate with students from Hyper Island in Sweden.

You will get valuable knowledge and inspiration by offering briefs to our students. At the same time you’ll be supporting the development of new industry talent. It’s a win-win.

Already convinced? Contact our Learning Partner Director Clara Öquist for questions about Learning Partnerships in Sweden, UK or Singapore.

What is a Learning Partner? As a Learning Partner, your business or organization collaborates with a team of Hyper Island students in Sweden, on a specific business critical need or challenge that you face.

Coca Cola, IKEA, RFSU, Greenpeace and Aftonbladet are some of the brands that have been learning partners in the past.

What you can expect as a Learning Partner • Explore and discover new approaches to your needs and challenges;
• Gain new insights, perspectives & knowledge about digital technologies in the context of your industry;
• Get inspired by Hyper Island’s methodology, processes and tools;
• Engage with highly competent students and form relationships with potential recruits or interns;
• Ownership of the ideas and concepts that emerge from the collaboration;
• Support the development of the next generation of industry talent.

A Learning Partnership is a win-win. You contribute to the students’ development while gaining valuable creative and strategic input from the next generation of innovators and creators in your industry.

A Learning Partnership includes a minor sponsorship, which goes directly into running and enhancing the education.

Here is a list of all upcoming projects

The process It is simple. You write a brief that matches both your business challenge AND the program’s learning goals. You are then the students’ client. They work on your brief, in collaboration with you, and present a possible solution (or solutions) at the end of the process. Overall, it looks something like this:

1) Contact us
2) Sign up to be a partner
3) Write a brief (together with Hyper Island)
4) Work with the students: Initial meeting, work, presentation
5) Evaluation and closure of the collaboration

Opportunity to become a Learning Partner coming right up! Program: Interactive Art Director (IAD)

Facts: Project start & end: 10th September 2014 - 10th October 2014 (5 weeks)
Size of groups: 5-6 students

What you can expect as a client
• A documented need analysis of your product, service or brand.
• A packaged strategic vision for the development of your brand.

What should be in the brief? The briefs for this project should focus on a need to develop a digital brand strategy for a new product or service or the rebranding of an existing product or service that needs to re-define it-self for the digital channels.

• The product or service does not need to be digital at its core, however the product or service chosen should have multi-channel footprint, with the digital channels playing a central role.
• The students are expected to perform research and analysis of the client’s business and market needs. Define and package a strategic vision together with communication framework for the brand’s digital presence.

The project focuses on gaining insights, designing according to business goals and needs, and how to package a strategic delivery.

Contact Clara Öquist for more information.