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This year’s Creative Task has been released, and applications are now open! To a lot of applicants, this means a lot nerves and thoughts going around - how do I apply? Should I apply? Will I get accepted? Am I good enough? And what about the Creative Task? We asked Sanna Westermark, student at the Digital Media program, if she could share some insights from her application to Hyper Island last year.

Sanna reflects on the Creative Task

Common questions are "How much time should I spend?" "Is my idea good enough?" "Do I have to be a skilled designer to develop and express my idea?"

It is not uncommon to doubt your idea again and again. Sometimes you have to trust your initial gut feeling, sometimes you have to scrap the idea and start from scratch. A tip is to ask your friends or family for feedback! The idea grows as you nourish it through the eyes of others and their input. Some people in my program struggled for months with their Creative Task while others threw it together in a day or two. The main thing I would say is that the idea should solve the problem in a creative way. The design is not as important, and you do not have to be a designer to ne able to express your idea. Hyper Island wants students with different kinds of talent, not only excellent designers.

What about working extra on the side?

Hyper Island is intense. We spent many late nights and sometimes weekends at the school. Not because we had to, but because we wanted to immerse ourselves in our learning and deliver our best, always. I would say that it is very individual what you manage to juggle. I worked extra - both freelance and in a store - but had I made the decision today, I would have opted out of jobs. If you are able to get by financially without working on the side then don’t do it. Focus on the education and make money later.

What is it like to be a student at Hyper Island?

I'd say, this video is really Hyper Island in a nutshell.
Hyper Island in a nutshell-

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See you!

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