Project of How

Emelie Askfelt (Crew 12), Ola Möller (DM09), Johan Dettmar (DM10), Karolina Brantås (IAD11) and Robin Günther (IAD11 & MGD12) joined forces and created methodology library Project of How. We asked them a couple of questions.

Who are you

We are the Project of How. All together we're five co-funders that have built the project. All of us are former Hyper Island students but with diverse experiences before and after we studied at Hyper Island.

Tell us a bit about Project of How (short description; whos it for, what use does it do):

Project of How is an open library, where creative methods are stored and shared. The method finder on the site matches your needs for creative methods. And voila! The methods that are relevant are filtered out and presented to you!

So, who is it for?

Project of How is meant for people working with problem-solving and with the creative process. To facilitate their work and help people with cool methods that can help people to get better output.

What are your main objectives/vision?

The very tangible objective are to create a platform that let people think more about HOW they work, and by that, create a better output. The main objective was to create a method bank that helped people with their creative process.

The manifesto of Project of How tells alot about our visions and it's a bit more fluffy than the more tangible objectives that we mention above. We describe it like this:

Point 1. We need to democratize the knowledge about How we do things. For a majority, much of this info is locked into inaccessible networks. Point 2. Being creative is about solving problems in new ways. Something anyone could be. It could be a farmer plowing in an innovative way. Point 3. We need to open the possibilities for people in society to be able to realize their ideas. Point 4. The How Focus is important to find new smart ways to understand, evaluate and get insights. When you know How you do things, you can also do better. Point 5. It’s important to meet the educational needs of the future, how each and every individual can master their own educational tools. Point 6. In society today, working with finding creative solutions to complex problems, are more common than ever. By having the right tools, we can encourage innovation.

Where are you in three years w Project of How?

Project of How will continue and will grow. For us five founders I think Project of How would be something that are going to be more intergrated in other projects we do. Connecting tentacles of different things to and from Project of How. Exactly what it will be is hard to say but we want YOU to be on the journey. The more people that add wisdom to the project, the better it gets! Do you have a method you want the world to use? Add and store it in our method bank! Keep updated and follow the progress by follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Who would win the fight between a tiger of the size of an cat or a cat of the size of an tiger?

We had long discussions about that here at the office. If a cat would be tiger sized it would probably beat a tiger of cat-size, but on the other hand, if a cat-sized tiger has the confidence of a tiger it might scare the larger but less confident competion away. We think the David vs. Goliath aspect is a bit charming so we have to say the cat-sized tiger!