Olá Brasil! We are opening in São Paulo

Hyper Island now opens a Brazilian office in São Paulo. We will host two Master Classes during the fall of 2014.

Fun fact: shadowing the Swedish ones, Brazilian followers are the most frequent and active on the Hyper island Facebook page. Why is that?

We know for sure that Brazil and Hyper Island is a love story since many years. A lot of our international students come from Brazil, and the request for us to offer Executive programs and courses is constant.

Brazil has a flourishing communications industry which time after time shows its world class creativity and ambition. Over the years, a number of Brazilian creative executives have taken our Master Class on New York. Now they don’t have to pack their suitcases to understand how to take advantage of the ongoing digital revolution, and how it’s affecting, disrupting and forever changing industry after industry.

The suitcase can be left in the basement for a very good reason: Hyper Island has just recently opened up its Brazilian office in São Paulo, serving the whole of Brazil with insights and inspiration offered in courses and programs focusing on Digital Awareness, Digital Business Transformation, Digital Strategy, Change Management and other topics relevant to networked ways of doing business. We will also run tailor-made projects for companies to address their unique needs and ambitions.

In the longer perspective we hope to be able to offer the whole range of services, including a school, but we’ll start with the most frequently requested services aiming at professionals and organisations.

So, Olá Brazil! Are you ready? Hyper Island is!

Hyper Island will host two Master Classes in São Paulo on 25-27 of September and 6-8 of November.

For all questions about Hyper Island in Brazil contact Nathalie Trutmann


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